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Colorado Tech Day

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Colorado Tech Day Spring 2006 May 2018


Look for comments and related chat at,, and in the Rockies forums.

And, yeah... The Facebook page.

Come and join in the wrenching! I am located about 16 miles south-west of Castle Rock, Colorado, which is between Denver and Colorado Springs.

left side engine cover off There's plenty of room to wrench on several bikes at once, and plenty of enthusiasm. Plenty of camaraderie. Plenty of, um... advice.

We (pretty much) always manage to get things done, even if we need to stay late. I have lots of hand tools, power tools, a 110v welder, and I keep lots of bolts and other hardware on hand for whatever needs fixing.

Email me if you have any questions about what we can get done.

oil screen Doing a valve check?
Installing progressive fork springs?
Doing the Doohickey? (balancer chain idler shaft adjustment lever)
Replacing some wheel bearings?
Adding some farkles? Yes! Farkles!
Some aftermarket parts?
Want to check out some other bikes?
Want to help someone break their bike...?

Come on down!

wrenching in the garage Some food and beverages provided (although you are welcome to donate--bring something unusual and interesting if you do, since donuts are mundane).

Bring the parts you'll need, along with your flavor of oil, coolant, etc.  If you want me to have something on hand, check with me first.

Tools are always welcome, too.
(Just remember to leave my tools here and take yours home with you, okay?)

Since people often ask, I'll keep an updated list here of things people can bring to share and donate if they are in a generous mood.

Could Use: Breakfast snacks . . . . . . . .
burgers, brats, chicken, or... ?
valve shims: 235, 240, 280
soft drinks, water . . . . . . .
adult malt beverages . . . . . .
couple big bags of ice . . . . .
Strippers. . . . . . . . . . . .

still hoping...

Have PLENTY: latex, nitrile, and plastic gloves
brake fluid
blue paper shop towels
gaskets for doohickey jobs (so don't buy them)

Someone donated another bike lift, so YAY! to Dave, who has gone back to his world travels (but finally sold the KLR).

Be a part of the local KLR community.  Come Play.  All bikes and riders welcome!

Whenever possible, I recommend you use genuine Eagle parts Be wary of knock-off parts being passed off as Eagle parts by disreputable vendors.  Specifically, if you buy your doohickey (balancer adjustment lever) or torsion spring from some online vendors, you are getting a cheap knock-off and their installation instructions are wrong.  Check the Eagle link above for authorized vendors.  Know that I am not affiliated with Eagle in any way, but trust me on this one.

Read the BigCee FAQ if you have not yet done so.  It's not up-to-date with Gen-2 KLRs, but it has lots of common information.

Also, MarkNet . Good stuff.

wrenching in the driveway I hang out at Glenn's KLR650.NET site, Hondo's site, and, and I post new Tech Day arrangements there in the Rockies forums. You can post to me there, or send me a message through those sites.

Otherwise, I can be reached at

Enjoy! And again, welcome!

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