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SgtMarty KLR650 Tech Day - May 20, 2017

It had snowed wet and heavy a couple days earlier, and more was threatened, so this kept a lot of riders away.  Those who were coming down from Wyoming probably made the right choice, but the locals should have known better.  It was warmer than expected in the morning and the pavements were all clear.  By mid-afternoon, most of the snow was gone altogether.

Graham came early with his VStrom that got lots of small jobs done to it.

Only one (!) KLR really got worked on, and that only for a drill-through upper subframe bolt.  Took no time at all.  His 2015 KLR seems to have been partly pre-drilled, so maybe that's new to KLRs.  The bikes that needed doohickeys, valve checks, and clutch work never showed up.

Nearly everyone brought food or snacks, so we were good there.  The breakfast burritos are always popular.  We had coffee on early and went through several pots.  Pizza came later.

My space heater magically decided to ignite at 8am, so the garage was pretty warm through the morning.  In the afternoon, it got warm enough to leave the doors open.  Because... Colorado.

Richard did a lot of small jobs on his DR, getting it ready for his trans-Canada ride next week.  Scott did a lot of the wrenching.  Another KLR got its speedo hub realigned.  That bike might be back in September for more work.  We'll see.

SnowMule Mike unloaded his sled and spent the day applying the final batch of custom decals to it.  He's well-known in the snowmobile community and has come down before to help people out.  I've long been open to any two-wheel vehicles, but now even no-wheel vehicles are welcome.

Laurie and I got to chat for a while with Brian, who showed up late, and then with Mike, who hung out for a while.  My thanks to Alan, Mark, Rich, and others who came to help others, even though there was no one to help. 

They also serve, who only stand and wait" - Milton.

The link to this complete event discussion, with more photos, is HERE.

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