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SgtMarty KLR650 Tech Day - May 14, 2016

The day started out bleary and threatened to rain, so that may have put some people off.  Alan usually rides down from the north side of the Denver area with others joining him, but this time he rode alone.

Others soon arrived with breakfast burritos, cinnamon rolls, cheeseburger soup, and other snacks.  Yum.


In no time, Brent's WWII-style bike was getting fork oil and electric work.  Others rolled in and started working, too.


Alan helped with only the one doohickey today--and that was a first.  Usually several get done.


Lots of tires got changed, chains got worked on, and some suspensions got tuned.


At the last tech day, ThaRick put on a tire-changing clinic, and he would have been popular today.


Graham knew what he was doing, but Rich still offered pointers.


I used someone's bike to show the trick of using the sidestand to break the bead.  This one was really glued on there.


Scott showed his Baja No Pinch tire tool.  I'd seen it in ads, but this was the first time I'd seen it used.  Worked well enough, as in the photo below, but it was unable to get a cold, stiff-wall tubeless tire (TKC80, I think) over the rim.  The last bit wouldn't go, so long tire irons were used to finish it.  If the tire had been warm, or lube had been used, the Baja tool might have worked but it looked like it wasn't getting enough leverage for such a hard tire.


Ash and Karla arrived later than they had planned (because stuff happens), but they got their swingarms lubed and valves done.  LocoPatrick dedicated himself to helping get their bikes ready for their long-term riding plans. 

Ash's suspension bolts were a PITA to remove, and one of them required a team effort, a BFH, power tools, and harsh language.  All the suspension bolts on both bikes were badly corroded (which is typical) and needed some time at the wire wheel to clean up.  Bel-Ray waterproof grease was applied and everything re-installed.  Several valve shims needed changing, and between us we had the ones needed.  They were the last bikes to finish up, and there was either jubilant singing or outraged roaring (depending on how you choose to interpret the photo below) when the last bike got buttoned up.


Almost a typical turnout eventually, since the weather held off.  We were done somewhere around 7:30.  It took Laurie and I about an hour to get everything picked up and put away.  I'll finish organizing the tools later in the week.

I missed most of the great food that got grilled at lunchtime, but I had a brat, and a couple pieces of pie.  The pies were a nice touch, and they were popular.  Thanks to those who helped feed and hydrate everyone, to Bobby for the use of his grill again, and for the Beer Pannier.  Ash brought a bag full of Colorado maps, and there are many left over for next time.


It wasn't another gout hit that had me limping around this time, it was the sprained ankle from my tire blowout last week.  When the day was done, it was Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.  Internal application of medicinal alcohol didn't hurt, either.

The link to more photos and comments of this event is HERE.

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