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SgtMarty KLR650 Tech Day - May 2, 2015

We got a bunch of doohickeys done, a couple of swingarm lube jobs, a couple sets of fork tubes reworked, and several other jobs.  Strange that no one needed a valve check or other engine work, so that was new.

Thanks especially to Alan AS ALWAYS for taking over the doohickey duties.  Thanks also to Patrick, Scott, and probably others who helped with various other doo jobs and other tinkering.  Bobby again volunteered his wonderful grill and the meat got cooked up by Laurie, Tom, and Denise.  Those who brought food were heroes.

I had a badly sprained (maybe broken?) foot, so I wasn't as mobile as I usually was, so if you saw me parked on a chair, that's why.  If you saw me walking around, you saw a man in pain.  The steady internal application of medicinal alcohol helped (HEY! Who promised to bring Guinness and failed?   grumble... grumble...)

Dmitri got a new doo and spring, and new progressive fork springs.

The garage was busy, so some worked on their bikes in the driveway.  Weather was great and no troublesome wind.


Walt did the doo and had plenty of help.


Sometimes you've just gotta strap a gal with a sword to a handtruck and chase down the local monsters.


The scrub oak were just starting to bear leaves, so the yard was still looking a bit barren.


I'm sure a few people forgot to sign in, so attendance might have been well over thirty.  At one point, there were six bikes in the garage bays being worked on.


No, Amado didn't actually come directly from Paraguay just for my tech day, he actually lives in my neighborhood.

Thanks again to all who came to help or just hang out.

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The link to this event is HERE

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