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SgtMarty KLR650 Tech Day - September 9, 2017

Two guys from Wyoming didn't make it down, but we had a decent turnout anyway.  Five bikes got worked on, and a lot got done to a couple of them. 

Since not everyone made it here, there was only one doohickey that got swapped out.  Carl's bike had some issues that looked like there had been some damage the previous owner hadn't disclosed.  The rotor basically popped right off without any tools (that's bad), and the doohickey lever itself was jammed up tight against the engine case which might indicate some warping to the case or the doo itself was bent (and that's also bad).  Alan had to go full "gorilla mode" to pull the doo off the shaft.

Two of the valve shims were installed with the size numbers facing up, which is wrong.  If a shop had done the work, they did poor work.  If the bike's owner did the work, he/she would have benefitted from coming to a tech day like this where there's lots of community knowledge.

Then some scraping and gouging damage was seen on the outside of the rotor. Something had gone *ka-boom* in there at some point, or maybe that's damage from a gear puller that someone had used (wrong, wrong, wrong!). There was very deep gouging on opposite side of the rotor. At least everything went back together okay.

Dan's bike had been to Ushuaia, so it's got some miles on it.  So... without a chain slider on the swingarm this is what could be expected.  I don't know how or when he lost the chain slider, but he's looking to replace the swing arm now.

Those are the bearing's needle rollers you can see through that hole.

Mountain rode down just to hang out with everyone and work on his own bike for a while.  He needed a "daddy's day off," I think.

A typical tech day sees twice this many bikes in the driveway. The last two tech days have had lower turnouts, so it was less hectic and I was able to help work on Alec's bike (although there are always distractions when you're the host).

Scott mostly worked on his own bike, and checked his valves and did some carb work. We got to watch him load the bike back up afterwards. It's a modified wheelchair lift system and it was very nice.

It sprinkled a little, but only briefly. Mountain's bike got hustled inside once Dan's bike was done.

But it cleared up right away and we were able to hang out and talk for a while after most of the work was done.

Later in the afternoon, Don W. brought his sad-sack KLR down because he had somehow boogered up the cam chain and it's sliders. He's not sure how or why he got it into such a condition, but it was more than we could tackle late in the day. We would have to remove the head to get the sliders back where they belong and check what else had gone wrong.

Starting earlier in the day, we could have managed it.  Except I don't have an extra head gasket.  I hope he gets it all sorted out.

The link to this skimpy event discussion, is HERE .

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