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SgtMarty KLR650 Tech Day - September 19, 2015

Great day.  Perfect weather, wonderful people.

Sweeping out the garage at 8am.


People showed up right at 9am, and soon the garage was full.  Several fork seals got done, so we did a mini-clinic on doing them.

Brent's WWII fighter bike's valves were in spec, so he replaced a clutch cable and called it good.


Some bikes were on a lift for quite a while, and some went back on the lift to fix a fork oil-level problem that we caught before it was too late.  All good.

One broken doohickey spring that was partly ground through by the chain.  A new Eagle Mike doo went in, and a torsion spring as well.  Much better.  A couple other EM doos got done, too.

Burgers and brats followed all the good breakfast munchies.

Most people signed the board.

It was a good day; everything got done and no catastrophes or crises that needed extra fixing (I don't think we broke anything!).

A surprising number of fork tubes got worked on, and since I saw that coming, we got those in the garage and worked on them first. Maybe five sets of forks; three sets of progressive springs and seals and two that simply changed their fork oil.

A couple (three?) doohickeys, and only one valve check (that was in spec, so no shim changes were needed). It was nice to see Brent, who was gimping around on brand new knees. Jim did his best to be helpful from his crutches, and did lend a hand where he could.

Alan--who is a tremendous help at these tech days--helped with his 200th doohickey swap! Major kudos to him; and again my sincere appreciation to him for helping, since he frees me to bounce around and help and be available for various other things.

Thanks, too, to Rich, Rich, Rick, and Mike for lending a hand where it was helpful. Thanks also to those who donated food, beverages and tools for everyone to enjoy. The extra bike lift was well used. Thanks to Rick and Tim for the valve shims--someone will need them and you get the credit. Thanks to Scott and Ken for the hand cleaner. Thanks to Laurie who managed snacks and food.

I won't get around to organizing the garage until tomorrow, but I don't think I'm missing any tools yet. Even if a few things got mixed into other people's tools kits, I understand that things get misplaced sometimes, and the generous donations that people left behind will cover any losses. It's all good. Karma points to everyone.

I reminded several people during the day that some of what I gave to them had been donated by previous tech day attendees, and it just gets passed on to whoever needed it next. The fork oil and other materials left behind today will get donated to the next people who need it. Even more Karma points all around. Makes me warm all over (and my nipples hard). You guys rock!

We'll do it again in May (if not before).

The link to more photos and comments of this event is HERE.

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