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SgtMarty KLR650 Tech Day - May 12, 2012

A nice turnout, about 15 people showed up on a dreary, damp morning. The weather held very well through the day and the early afternoon was surprisingly bright and clear. By the time the clouds started threatening later in the afternoon, everyone was done working and a bunch of us sat around the garage and told stories for awhile. That was a new ending for a tech day, and I enjoyed unwinding with everyone who stayed late.

John had ridden down from Wyoming to stay a couple nights with us and help out, and I did not envy him his cold, wet ride. He helped us get set up for the tech day and lent a hand wherever he could.

When the first riders started showing up in the morning, we got right to work.

Before long, five bikes were getting wrenched on.

Since Alan, Kelly, Damon and others had also showed up to help, everyone got the coaching they needed. Several doohickeys, a couple valve jobs, four fork seal replacements, and a few other jobs got done without a hitch and the day was a complete success.

With the smaller-than-usual turnout, there was more time for talking and less stress to get the bikes in and out. There was more food for everyone, too. Alan's venison chili was a big hit.

It was nice to see Scott, who had been busy elsewhere for a while. Jason's assistance was also a new and appreciated contribution.

And so far, this looks like the first time I'm not missing any tools, so thanks everyone!

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