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SgtMarty KLR650 Tech Day - May 7, 2011


Lots of folks showed up to work on their bikes, help others, or just hang out. It's all good.

A Tiger, a Transalp, and a V-Strom were the only invaders (I think), so it was mostly the typical KLR wrench fest.

Not everyone needed help, of course. Some came just to be in good company while they did their work.

The new folks were welcome, and I hope they had a good experience.

DiscoJon rode up from New Mexico again, and again did a lot of work on his second KLR. Various helpers got to put the tools to his bike.

Even those who only came to swap some tires found help.

My thanks to Rusty, who fabbed up a couple bike lift stands to donate to future tech days. What a guy.

Bill (Haasenpfeffer) brought his bike down for the 685 piston kit upgrade. Phil helped much of the time, and others stepped in now and then. There were a few glitches, including catching a problem with a valve cam shaft that was damaged and would have created havoc if it hadn't been caught.

We got started on the 685 kit later than expected, so few were there to see it fired up.

My thanks again to those who helped others, brought food, brought beer, or just came to bask in the KLR community. Thanks, as usual, to Eagle Mike, who sent parts to my place for others to use, and donated some give-away tid-bits.

A higher turnout than I expected, but I think a good time was had by all.


The link to this complete event report, including photos and comments from others is HERE (this thread is usually updated for several days after each tech day, so check back now and then to see any further comments and photos).

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