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SgtMarty KLR650 Tech Day - August 5, 2007

Had a blast, and really enjoyed everyone's contributions and camaraderie. As usual, I donated a few things, others donated things, and it all works out.

I'm sorry that some had to pull their bikes apart in the driveway. The garage was pretty full most of the day.

Those who came to help just parked in the shade.

Kidding, I signed Simon onto the board in a funny way, but he never corrected it. Hmmm... If Simon ever decides to look like his avatar, I'm pitching in some cash to help out. As it is, I think he looks fine in his modern hair style. Seinfeld to Elaine's bald boyfriend: "Are you from the future?"

Gil's bike has issues.

This is the stock coolant temp sensor:

But the replacement he got was for a newer KLR. Whatever the problem with his temp gauge is, the new sensor is certainly the wrong part. After the original sensor broke while being re-installed, we managed to get the broke part out *whew*

Gil will get a correct replacement, and the other diagnoses can continue.

The link to this complete event report, including photos and comments from others is HERE

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