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SgtMarty KLR650 Tech Day - June 16, 2007

I'll be doing some repairs and light work on my KLR on Saturday the 16th.

If anyone wants to stop by, you'd be welcome. I won't be up too early though, gotta work the night before. Noonish would be better.  Got to put on new tires, too.

I beat my KLR up so much in Moab and last weekend at the FMF, that it needs some surgery.

I'll be doing:

valve check
carb cleaning
air filter cleaning
remove and examine the petcock (got a funny feeling about it's condition)
welding broken nerf bars
bending and remounting highway bars
fix some wires and accessories that I broke in Moab
might mount the IMS tank, we'll see

I'll be working all afternoon if anyone else wants to drop in. Won't be organized, though, so we can send out for pizza maybe.


I finished the things that I wanted to do to my bike at about 11 PM, and all is well.

Thanks to Kawioops, Flyingpackman, wzd1a, and root for dropping by. I wasn't organized or anything, and it only rained briefly. Nothing got broken, no one was arrested, President Bush sent his love and encouragement, Kawasaki Heavy Industries called to apologize for that doohicky thing, and Alan showed us his new tattoo and piercing.

I think I covered all the details.

(Sorry, no photos.)

The link to this complete event report, including photos and comments from others is HERE

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